Sunday, January 28, 2007

Fun F.U.N. FUN!!

Here is a gratuitous sun rise picture, no retouching or nothin'… it's worth getting up early for!!

I went out for drinks with one of my favourite people last night. The one I was knitting the Misti Alpaca Chunky Marine Melange scarf for--she loved the scarf by the way. Anyway, I told her the one thing that's missing from my life these days is fun. I work all day, come home and work some more and I am not having any fun. I want to laugh so hard that tears stream down my face and I fall down, I want to giggle like a school girl. The boy is going to spend some time at his Grandma's visiting with his Dad, February 8 - 13 and I have booked a four day weekend off work. My quest for that weekend is to have fun. I don't know how or what or where, don't have much money to spend on this quest, and it is February, but fun is going to be had. So what do you suggest? I'm thinking… a drive somewhere not too far, some where cool with lots of interesting things to look at and good walking or hiking. I don't know… if you were looking for a cheap, fun weekend by yourself, what would it involve? Help me people!!

I am less depressed about the health thing, thanks for the kind thoughts. A test on the 5th will give me a better idea about what's going on there.

So for some strange reason, I have turned into a sales goddess at work. My sales rock, which means my commissions rock--it's all good but somewhat mystifying. I don't work at sales and prefer a lot of the other stuff that we do in the store, receiving stock, rearranging the furniture, checking inventory. I am more than happy to give people information and my honest opinion about any given piece of furniture. I do love helping people pull colours together for a room, co-ordinating fabric and texture and pattern but in the end, I don't push product, don't up sell, and it doesn't matter to me if people buy the stuff or not, as long as they walk out happy. May be that's the key.

It helps that I have become a magnet for older guys to hit on. The best one yet was this guy who started out buying towels and wound up buying a bed from me, he was probably in his mid 40's to early 50's, cute in a rugged, mountain man kind of way. He kept saying my name, a sure sign of interest, made it clear he is single, then when we were looking at when his bed would be coming in from BC. He says, "It would be great if I got it in time for my birthday, may be you could help me celebrate!" Where? On the Bed? I turned red down to my shoulders and my co-worker got the giggles so bad she had to run for the back. Still… wouldn't mind that much if he came back.

As for knitting… there has been some. As I mentioned the chunky scarf is finished and bestowed and I am faithfully trying to finish my toe-ups. They fit great. Now I want to rip out the top down socks and re-do them toe up. The ultimate joy of toe ups? Trying them on as you go. Amy's pattern is a dream. Would be fun with a sport weight on bigger needles. I can't decide what to start next… the boys' henley or my lacy hug me tight. Might do some fingerless gloves… two of my four older sisters have birthdays in March.

Don't forget… FUN… all ideas are welcome!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Say What???

I was out for lunch with the Hanger today , y'all know the Hanger, he crops up in this blog on a fairly regular basis, my good buddy of well over three years. He casually mentions he took the X out to see the new townhouse, the same X he was cheating on the entire time they were together, including after they moved in (Don't ask me how I know this). She's decided she had it all wrong thinking he was cheating on her and wants to get back together.

Before Christmas, the hanger asked me to marry him (It wasn't an outright proposal more of a throw this out there and see how she reacts). I was my typical noncommittal self because I know him and while there's no doubt he cares about me, he doesn't know what he wants (said I wasn't ready and neither was he but that someday, when the boy is older, I would like to get married again).

For the last month, I have been avoiding the hanger for lots of reasons, mainly because the whole marriage conversation scared me silly but also because I've had some serious health concerns come up. Issues I'm really not up to talking about yet. My stress levels are pretty high and I don't want someone in the picture until I know where things stand.

Now that I've finally told him, dear Hanger does seem genuinely concerned about my health and upset about what's going on but it really isn't enough.

The Hanger needs to get off the fence. OK, Lets be honest, I need to get off the fence. May be the fact that neither one of us seems able to get off the fence should be taken as a sign. May be we should just go back to being friends.

Now that the good stuff is off my chest, I've been doing lots of knitting. Making squares for the Lone Knitters blanket drive and I'm nearly finished another scarf. I am trying very hard not to start anything unless something else is finished. Knitting keeps my mind off other things. Keeps me from worrying about things I can't change. That's one thing the Hanger said that is absolutely true, "Worrying is like sitting in a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but it doesn't get you anywhere."

Monday, January 15, 2007

Good Things Come in Sevens!

Look!! A Finished Sweater--OMG I finished something isn't that amazing. It's not blocked yet but I am so happy… my FIRST finished sweater.

And here's Ginger, looking if remotely possible, even more pathetic than usual! Cmon' everybody… all together now… AAAAWWWWWW!

SO I am going to be a joiner… I am joining knit from your stash. The rules are here and I will be in good company as one or two of my favourite bloggers are also doing this so I will have some support. I look forward to seeing what people do with their stash. My exception is going to be yarn for charity knitting.

Now, having gone on a massive yarn buying spree in the weeks leading up to Christmas and for my birthday, I feel like I am cheating because all the yarn for all the projects I have set myself for 2007 is already purchased and in my stash. Plus enough sock yarn for 6 pairs of socks (not including the three pairs I already have on the go).

So here are my New Years Lists: Seven Sevens for 2007.

Here are 7 projects for 2007:
Knit 2 Together Felted House Slippers in Lopi Alfosse: 2 pairs
KP&S Men's top down Henley in Olive Misti Alpaca Worsted
Fibre Trends Favourite Hat 'n Scarf in Motherlode Lorna's Laces Chunky Swirl Plus a pair of mittens in same
Fibre Trends Dandy Dog Sweater in Cascade 220 Super Wash Bright Green
Knit 2 Together Lacy Hug Me Tight in Blue Sky Alpaca Alpaca/Silk in Mocha
KP&S Top Down Split Neck T-Shirt In Cinnamon Misti Alpaca Worsted
Another "Purl" Scarf (because I am addicted to making these and some day everybody I know will own one) in Sealing Wax Malibrigo

Seven Sock Yarns in my Stash
Socks that Rock
Trekking XXL
Linnie 3
Lorna's Laces
HWS Scheepjes

Seven Projects to Finish
Sizzle in Lavender Misti Alpaca Pima/SIlk
Fleece Artist Shawl in Icy Blue Goldilocks
Misti Alpaca Chunky Purl Scarf (from Last Minute Knitted Gifts) in Marine Melange
Sister's Socks in Trekking XXL
Eyelet Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts
Universal Toe Up Socks in Lorna's Laces: Lakeview
Everybody's Favourite Hat (Fiber Trends) in Orchid Blue Sky Cotton

Seven Worthy Causes
Warming Grace
Project Linus
Knitters without Borders
Lone Knitter's Blanket Project
Dulan Project
Afgans for Afghanistan
Send me one for this spot!!

Seven Bloggers I'd love to meet
(the toughest one… there are tons of bloggers I'd love to meet)
The ADD Knitter
Stitch Mistress
The Knitting Hammy
The Lone Knitter
Two Wooden Sticks
The Yarn Harlot

Seven (Non-Knitting) Books to Read or Re-read
"Broken for You", Stephanie Kallos
"The Birth House", Ami McKay
"A Complicated Kindness", Miriam Toews
"the curious incident of the dog in the nightime", Mark Haddon
"A Perfect Night to Go To China", David Gilmour
"The Kite Runner", Khaled Hosseini
"Bel Cantos", Anne Patchett

Seven CD's to Listen to
Josh Stone: Mind Body and Soul
James Blundt: Back to Bedlam
Jack Johnson: On and On
Dave Stewart and Mick Jagger: Alfie Soundtrack
U2: 18Singles
KD Lang: Hymns of the 49th Parallel
Jane Sibbery: Bound by the Beauty

Monday, January 01, 2007

A Happy and Peace filled New Year to All…

May 2007 be good to you and yours.

I've been Chatting back and forth with my cousin in BC. This past year has been an incredibly rough one for her. She's still looking for charitable knitting projects to contribute to. I blogged about this in August and in July. My cousin found All We Knit is Love and passed it along to me and I sent her to the Dulan Project. When my Aunt was dying of Cancer, I knit several squares for Warming Grace. It couldn't alter facts: the most influential woman in my life was dying but it helped… a lot. I still miss Aunt Betty, every single day, but knitting keeps her close in my heart.

My sidebar has a new link section for Charitable Knitting. if I find sites or if you send me sites, that's where they will go. Regardless of what sparks the desire to knit for charity, if it's the passing of a loved one or seeing a tragic situation on the news and just wanting to help… it's become clear to me that knitting for someone else feels good. Really good. It helps when you're feeling most helpless. knowing you could help warm someone else helps to warm your heart. If you don't knit donate, that feels good too. Whether it's a podcaster like David Reidy who does the marvelous sticks and string simply telling people to donate to any charity (as opposed to his podcast), organizing something as wildly ambitious as "Knitters without Borders" like the Yarn Harlot or delivering hats and mittens to your nearest women's shelter it all matters… we all matter. I would never dream of telling anyone where to put their knitting resources but may each of you find something that resonates with you.

May 2007 find the world a kinder, gentler place for all of us.