Friday, March 26, 2010

Check it out!

I picked up the boy from School and we headed over to BowCycle to pick up my bike.I talked to Doug, the same guy who sold us the boy's mountain bike last fall. He's a good guy, he doesn't mind talking to people like me who aren't crazy bike obsessed but want a good solid bike. I think he found me a perfect bike for what I want, easy trails, bike paths, no crazy stuff! It's a Cannondale Comfort 4. I picked up a bike rack at the same time so the boy and I can take our bikes with us to Sechelt when we go out there this Summer. I can't wait to get out riding! I'm reading the owner's manual first and as long as it's nice tomorrow... we're going riding!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Oh, oh oh oh oh oooh....

Oh I'm SO FREAKIN' HAPPY I got the Hanger out of my life when I did.

He's got a new girl friend... a lovely flight attendant we'll call "Jackie". Better her than me. None too surprising, I didn't nickname him "the hanger" cause he's been hanging around me for 6+ years (what can I say, I'm a sucker for taking care of 'sick' people). Hope they will be happy together 'cause I guess as soon as she's actually free to marry again, that's the plan. 'Course, being the Hanger, he's fooling around on her when she's flying... even though he loves her. It's sad, she sounds like a great person... may be she'll see her blue eyed man-child for who he is. Wishing them all the best and I'm not being sarcastic.

I asked the Hanger once why he cheats... he prefers to call it his little problem... he said it was because he "wants to make everyone happy". Happy. Yeah, that's it.

Now that I got that off my chest. I am feeling pretty good these days. My load feels much lighter. Work's good. I'm exercising. I'm even trying to get out there and date... so if you know anyone in the Greater Calgary area... I just want to have some fun!

I've been doing a fair bit of knitting. Slowly finishing three projects, Mara, Some basic socks in Noro Silk Garden and my Rooibos Vest. Love the vest.

I'm loving the packagey goodness that is woolgirl sock kits. Alice literally moved me to tears, it was the journal more than anything, I absolutely loved it!

I'm in the throws of spring cleaning... continuing my solid efforts to throw out the trash... all the trash... and detox my life.

I bought a new book today, "The Happiness Project". I've heard really great things about it and I'm looking forward to being inspired. It goes hand in hand with my efforts in that department. The de-junking, shedding of outgrown relationships, eat local, live in the moment, love what is momentum that I've taken on this year. And I'm buying a bike. A hybrid so I can go trail riding with the boy or touring around town on my own. This Friday... me... Bow Cycle... it's on. And... because nothing... but nothing... makes me happier than paddling me own canoe... I'm joining the Calgary Canoe Club as soon as the new season opens.

I guess that's one of the reasons I haven't been writing as much. I need to spend less time thinking about doing things and more time doing them. really... NIKE had it right all along... Just Do It.

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