Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's Raining Again...

If I wanted to live in Vancouver... I'd move back there. What I love most about Calgary is the sun. That gorgeous, endless clear blue sky. And where the heck is it I'd like to know!?

It's time to be outside canoing and biking and I'm doing neither, I'm still doing winter activities (aka:knitting and reading) not a bad thing but honestly.

I got a lovely present to brighten my week last week. This terrific little package showed up on my doorstep. Made my day! In this package (covered by Ginger's long flapping ear and pointy little snout) is a tin of Ginger flavoured Altoids. Those who know me know I love ginger, in cookies, cakes, tea, candied or pickled, in marinades you name it... I even love it in nosy weiner dog form :-D. These mints are addictive! I can't get enough. So strong and gingery... Yum!

A while ago I mentioned The Happiness Project. Gretchen Rubin talks about writing your 12 Personal Commandments for Happiness. Here are mine.

1: Be Me

2: Embrace the Joy of Now

3: Sing Every Day

4: Do Nice Things for Others

5: Laugh

6: Be Polite and Be Fair

7: Just Do It

8: Don't be Afraid to Fail

9: Be Nice... to Everyone

10: Leave the Past in the Past

11: Never Pass Up the Opportunity to do Something New

12: Be Unapologetically Green

It's a good book,... heck it's a good blog too... check it out!

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