Friday, December 05, 2008

On the Other Side...

I am on the other side of a rather large undertaking. I helped open a new location for the company I work for. We unpacked and assembled 9 truckloads of furniture, 28 skids of accessories, maybe more... I stopped counting, hung at least 40 prints and mirrors, decorated and merchandised an entire store (our largest location in Calgary) all in under two weeks. Whew!! Know what I did today? Slept. It's OK though, opening day was Thursday and we got nothing but complements on how fantastic the store looked. If you're down in Mission, check us out.

In the long hours and overtime there was little time to knit. I am also not use to working so physically hard so when there was time, I was tired. I needed some relatively low cognitive knitting. Enter Ruffle Fluff. Ruffle Fluff is a free pattern from Amy Swenson and it's perfect. Deceptively easy but oh so pretty. Amy splurged on Cashmere, I did mine in Blue Sky Alpaca Suri Merino. Love this yarn, oh so soft and smooshy. I'm finished the first set of ruffles and on the body of the scarf.

Now that I am back to my normal schedule, I may get more done on my Nakiska wrap. I've done two full repeats so far and I'm happy with what I've got. I am actually enjoying it which is more than I ever thought I'd say about anything but the most basic lace!

Also, one of my all time favorite things to do is head out to the Calgary Farmer's Market. I like my dollars going to locally owned businesses, growers and independent crafts people.

I had an interesting conversation there while sharing a table. It was regarding the "R word". The fellow I was sitting with had a gloomy outlook on where things were going. Canada as he sees it is under constant threat from large multi-nationals and big business. The economy is manipulated and controlled by a select few, largely south of the border and they don't have our interests at heart. I can concede some of those points to him. I agreed with some of the advice he had on what to do in the face of the "coming crisis": 1: Be debt free--thanks to my dear Aunt Irene, I am debt free and own my own home, 2: Own a really good bike--I do, I also have a fuel efficient car. 3: Invest in seeds and grow your own vegetables--I love gardening and plan to have a vegetable garden now that I've done some landscaping. Be as self sufficient as possible. I'm all for that. Where we disagreed is on the ability of each of us to stave off the negative influences. One person can make a difference. We each have a responsibility to choose carefully where and how we spend our money. As far as I'm concerned, the closer to home the better, the more directly the better and finally the more ethically the better. We can do it!!

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