Friday, June 30, 2006

A Disconnect…

In more ways than one… I've been without internet access for 15 days. We had a massive electrical storm and my high speed modem was fried. The new one finally came today. It was so weird… I had nearly 100 e-mails to wade through. I don't spend a lot of time on the computer but was amazed when I had to do without it.

I am also doing OK in my effort to disconnect from "The Hanger". I told him I thought it would be for the best if we didn't see each other anymore that as much as he's my friend and I do love him, I can't deal with him. I am sad but at the same time it's a relief.

I've been devoting myself to doing my own thing. Hanging out with my son, going swimming at the pool. Which reminds me… Is it an unwritten law that all male lifeguards are gorgeous? I've read that women check out men way more often than men check out women but because women have such vastly superior periferal vision, we can do it without anyone noticing (gosh… hope it's true).

Speaking of schoolgirl crushes… Hey, hey it's a monkey… I saw this guy last night with one of my dearest friends, what a riot, I laughed so hard I had tears streaming down my face.

I started yet two more projects. A boarding hat for my neice in thistle and shell pink cotton and my Summer blue silk/cotton blend shell. I feel quite sure I will get them finished in reasonable time, (my 12-year-old neice has been very ill although she's on the mend now and I especially want to finish her hat) and yet even in my internet deprived state… nothing else has been finished since I finished the boy's hat.

Here he is wearing it, it's the same colour of green as his eyes. You can tell he loves having his picture taken… NOT! Unless he's playing Rugby, taking his picture guarantees I'll get "the look". SO does singing… calling him by his nickname in public… asking him about anything to do with girls… asking him to do chores… if he's 12-1/2 now… how many more years of "the look do I have to put up with? Anyone?

May be I should consider raiding his ADD medication 'cause GOD knows I can't seem to get anything done on my own. I blame the sunny weather.


Friday, June 16, 2006

One Word Meme

I've never done a Meme before but this one caught my interest.

Please leave a one-word comment that you think best describes me. It can only be one word long. Then copy and paste this into your blog so that I may leave a word about you.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I actually finished something!

My Son's cotton hat. It isn't blocked or anything but it's done! The boy was so happy when he saw it this morning.

Of course the only reason I finished it is because I couldn't sleep last night so now I'm a mess and I have to leave for work shortly.

I couldn't sleep because I was coming to a major decision. I am going to attempt to stop hanging around the hanger. He's just bad news. I'm going to miss him, we have so much fun together, but it'll never go anywhere.

He has a new girlfriend and already he's lying to her and cheating on her, yesterday he lied to her so he could take me out for dinner and he's saying he wants to change but I don't believe him. He moved in to his last girlfriend's townhouse and would invite me over for dinner and movies when she was out of town, or tell her he was going out to pick up some DVD's and come over to my place for coffee. She had no clue about that never mind anything else he was up to, her beagle Dani had a better picture of the situation than she ever did.

He wants to get married again but he has no concept of what it takes. He and I have been friends almost 3 years, a year longer than he and his first wife were married. It's all a game to him and I'm tired of playing along. May be if I stop seeing him I'll meet someone real.

I started hanging with the Hanger in the first place because he was so relationship impaired it was kind of amusing. I figured he was totally safe. When someone is that obviously amoral and shallow you know they can't hurt you. I use to think we were thrown together so I could teach him what real emotions are. I'm complex and he is hopelessly shallow and I thought may be something would rub off on him but it hasn't. I'm still sad about it though. I feel sorry for him that he can't see all the good stuff he's missing out on. The real stuff, the hard stuff.

I need to hug my dog.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

And in other news…

I have been neglecting my blog. It isn't that I'm not knitting, I am! Just haven't finished anything yet. I have my 2 socks and cotton boarding hat that accompany me to work and various extra curricular activities. They are all coming along nicely. Ditto the shawl and scarf. I just feel like a dork taking pics of the same old WIP's. Anyway, things are progressing and I promise as soon as I have knitting to show, I'll put it up!

I still hadn't even started the book for my book group three days before we were due to meet. Fortunately I am a fast reader. We read "The Kite Runner" and I highly recommend it. It is a fascinating look at the historical and ongoing conflict in Afghanistan.

I have been eyeing the projects in "Mason Dixon Knitting": it's an inspiring book! The problem is I am a slow knitter and once the inspiration strikes, it takes a long time to have anything to show for it. May be I need to spend less time getting inspired and more time actually knitting!

The boy's rugby season is in full swing now. That keeps us busy, practices Thursday nights and games Sunday mornings. He loves it. Although, as it gets rougher, it gets harder to watch (note the EMS in the background). He scored a try last Sunday and he told me afterwards that when he was coming down the field with the ball (dragging several members of the opposing team behind him) two of the guys on the other team saw him coming and they both said, "Holy Crap!" I found that quite funny. He is a big guy for his age, tall, tough and physically strong and as long as he keeps his center of gravity low, he's hard to tackle.

So that's my news… no new knitting… no new stash… I'm determined not to start anything new or buy any more books or yarn until I finish something!