Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm still here...

I really need to blog more often.

Bought the most lovely book "French Girl Knits" I love the seamless patterns and the extra detail and attention that have gone into them. I cast on for Wrenna first.

I also bought yarn to make Viola.

Nakiska is still progressing nicely but lace is often more mentally demanding than what I'm up to so I like to have options. What I should do is finish some things but why would I finish... when I can start.

I started a Lady Eleanor Entrelac Wrap and am having so much fun with it. I've never done Entrelac before so I had a learning curve but now it's all good.

So I took a tough stance with "the Hanger" those of you who have read this blog in the past know he's been on the scene for some time. He's a good guy in many ways and we do love and care for one another but he is also quite a handful. I honestly thought he would stop being part of my life after I drew my line of death (and was prepared for it) but he seems to have gone the opposite route. the man never ceases to surprise me... surprise... irritate... exasperate. I'm still 100% prepared to toss him out on his ass at the slightest sign of relapse.

On the home front, my sweet "little" boy celebrated a birthday he's 15, has size 12 feet and is a good 6' tall with no signs of slowing down... STOP GROWING ALREADY!!!

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