Wednesday, March 25, 2009


The boy is at his Dad's for a week.

I booked an extra 2 days off work to give myself a 4 day weekend and guess what I've got? Time. A very precious commodity in my world.

Today is day one of my 4 day, mini holiday... so what should I do with it?

I wanted to go to the mountains but a snow fall last night made that seem like a risky plan. I may still go on Friday (the boy is back Friday night) or take the boy and go Saturday for the day, if the snow has melted by then.

Tomorrow, I booked an afternoon at the spa, a facial followed by a massage. Yummmm!! I can't remember the last time I treated myself to anything like that.

Last Sunday, after working all day and driving the boy to the airport, I played "Mama Mia" in Sing-along-mode... I sang along. Monday night was a quiet evening.

Last night was knit night. I swatched for a knit-along. We are doing Amy Swenson's Elsewhere. A whole bunch of us (like 10 people) tried it on one knit night and, regardless of figure type, it looked amazing so we all decided to make it.

I set Wrenna aside after having to rip out all the lace. I still plan to finish it, I just got side tracked.

What has really been side tracking me is Lady Eleanor... Love this project!! Never tried Entrelac before and I haven't been able to put it down. Good thing I'm almost finished.

Also, last weekend, I had a truly UTube worthy moment... I got my car stuck in the entrance to the car wash. Eventually, the owner of the car wash was able to free my little Yaris using his trusty jack. What amazed me, is the number of men who stopped to help me. They all seemed to be under the impression that they could simply lift it out... dude... it's a car. It was nice to know that, even at my age, there are men out there who will attempt to come to my rescue.

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