Saturday, January 29, 2011

What do you do when it's like this?

You knit! After a week of chinook weather, I got up to this. Bluurgh!

So I made a big pot of coffee and called it a home day. I'm going to browse my latest copy of Knitscene and drink coffee and knit my darn socks.

I had a 2 week fight with the flu (the flu won). My body hurt SO MUCH I couldn't hold my needles to knit. I actually cried. I sat on my sofa wearing: slippers, socks, pjs, a sweater, a full length house coat and two fleecy blankets shaking and shivering from fever and sobbed my heart out. The dog sat on my lap and absorbed the tears. That kind of wallowing, while it sure isn't pretty, can be healing. You can't be happy, happy, joy, joy all the time (at least I can't)... eventually something has to give. I feel better now. I'm still shaking off the last of the flu, a nagging cough but I got rid of a huge pile of built up sad. On the upside, I was too sick to eat for a week so I lost a bunch of weight and my stomach shrunk. I'm still not eating very much.

If I don't work on my roundy rounds, I'm going to work on this: basic feather and fan. A scarf, easy to knit.

Not the kind of knitting to impress anyone but perfect for with a cold snowy day and a hot cup of coffee.

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