Friday, January 23, 2009

In Progress...

It feels like I have a lot in progress right now, personal, work wise and knitting. I guess every day is a work in progress if you get right down to it.

My son is awaiting a mental health assessment. I already know he is ADHD and learning disabled, now we are waiting to find out if he is also Bi-Polar or suffering from depression. I can't emphasize strongly enough just how much I love my son, he's an awesome guy... but he isn't easy.

I am in two minds regarding a long time personal relationship. You just got to let me know... should I stay or should I go.

Work is great! I love every person I work with, but it's not my passion and I do need passion.

I just finished an amazing book: "Half a Yellow Sun" about the efforts of the Igbo people of Nigeria to establish the country of Biafra... it's heart breaking... read it!!

Nakiska is still progressing. I am so happy with this lace pattern, more so because of what it's taught me about shawl design. Thanks to the amazing Amy Singer for showing me just how easy lace can be.

I made yet another sister, yet another hat... have I ever mentioned I am the youngest of FIVE girls. Next time you want to kill your teenage daughters, think about my poor sainted mother who had four girls in five years (I was the after thought). When they all took to fighting, I use to hide under the dining room table. I lufs 'em though...

I splurged on socky lovliness... Mmmm Malabrigo and Mountain Colors... how could I resist?

Progress indeed.

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Friday, January 02, 2009

Finished loveliness!


I am so happy with this cowl, another Awesome Amy pattern (that's what I think her nickname should be from now on "Awesome Amy" Swenson). Chameleon Colorworks is a treat to knit with. No one believed it was actually wool it's so soft and fluffy feeling.

Specs: Shapely Cowl by Amy Swenson
Needles 4.5 mm (US 7)
Yarn Chameleon Colorworks Evolution in Ophelia Sport Weight 150 yd

Loveliness to come...

Mmmmmm... Mini Maiden, bought here with my birthday gift certificates.

What to do what to do... I'm thinking an Abby out of the Sangria and a Woodland Shawl out of the Victoria. What are your thoughts?

The Last Year of Lace kit for 2008, Nancy Bush's Snowdrop Shawl

New Years is for resolutions right?

Here are mine.

Finish projects

Stash Slower
Buy only what I love with specific projects in mind.

Get creative
I would like to dip my toes into the areas of design, dying and spinning. I already have some pattern ideas in the works and my absolute love of colour pulls me towards dying. I am by nature a creative person... an idealist... 7 years of art college speaks to that... the 15 years of working in the advertising industry that followed didn't completely knock it out of me :-D.

Support local, Canadian, independent businesses at every possible opportunity
The bricks and mortar LYS isn't going to be around if nobody shops there. If you want a place you can go to hang out and have a coffee, knit and chat with your friends, and get real help when you need it--you need to be supportive. You need to give back to those people who make up your local community. Have you ever tried going back to a Wallmart or Michaels or E-bay and asking for help on your latest project? I'm all for supporting the independent crafts people too, spinners and dyers, but I would like to try to do it locally. Look for a local craft collective (ideally in my perfect world, I would start one). It's the same reason I shop at the farmer's market. I know my money is going in a more direct route to the people who've earned it.

Expand my knowledge and understanding of the craft

Learn, learn, learn... it's what keeps my mind from turning into complete mush.

And on a more personal note...
Focus on what I love, be passionate, be grateful for what I have and tell the people I love that I love them more often.

That's it, that's all... Happy New Years to all my Yarnie friends! XOXO M.

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