Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Things I've been meaning to do...

Blog mostly, it's not that I don't have stuff to say... it's that I never seem to get around to saying it.

I find that when I'm really up... or really down... the words just aren't there. The good news is I'm really up these days, getting things done around the house. I love my new walls and baseboards, it feels like a brand new home, and I am loving the new furniture I got! Even the dog likes it.

Speaking of the dog... since Ginger had her surgery she's found new energy and she's turned into a little brat!! She's also turning into a little piglet.. those rocks in her bladder must've made her feel full all the time but now she's loving her food again (and here I was convinced she had a "delicate appetite").

I'm working on a couple of scarves, some socks and just about ready to get back to some sweaters.

I picked up enough stash for both a worsted and lace weight Wicked. How wicked is that?

I'm especially enjoying this scarf... an excellent use of sock yarn if I do say so.

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Thursday, September 04, 2008

What I did this summer...

Well, here's what I did not do... blog.

What did I do?

Held a Contest... This is one of the two prizes I sent out for great ideas on what to do with sock yarn... other than socks.

Lost a good furry friend of 20 years... I miss you Billy.

Went away... this is the sunshine coast... don't you love it?

Made a sweater...

Made some socks...

Fixed a furry friend, Ginger had major surgery to remove 8 bladder stones...

Fixed my house... landscaping, painting, baseboards and new living room furniture!

Now you know.

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