Sunday, October 28, 2007

Oh happy day...

A day off after an insane work week. Yeah!! We busted out the Christmas decorations, the store looks spectacular and there was a feeding frenzy on yesterday fur sure.

I am loving the projects I am working on. If you haven't already, I would seriously recommend adding Greenjeans to your queue! It is an awesome pattern. 'Course Amy is a fabulous designer so it stands to reason.

I am also enjoying the slanted eyelet scarf from Alchemy. It's my first lace pattern. It's a quick easy to memorize pattern and progresses nicely. It's perfect for gifts as it only calls for one skein of yarn. I think the trick would be to counter the simplicity of the pattern with a truly fantastic yarn. The Tilli Thomas I'm using IS fantastic. Photographs really don't do justice to how vibrant it is. I am making it for a 19-year-old tiny little miss, a little bit goth, loves purple (happened to mention she wanted to buy a pretty scarf to contrast with her black leather jacket and studs) and she looks amazing in jewel tones so I'm hoping she'll like it.

I'm still working on the boy's sock and sweater but they are slow projects and it's nice to work on things that zip along a little quicker.

Still in a great mood. I usually suffer quite severe SAD and it starts hitting me about now (back before I had responsibilities, I use to quit my job, always in November every year or two). I've been taking Melatonin supplements to help with sleep issues, the boy's paediatrician recommended them for him and I thought I'd try them as well, it seems like they might be making a difference with the SAD.

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Monday, October 22, 2007


This is how I am feeling right now...

for the past while, I haven't been blogging much, it's 'cause I'm happy. really happy. No special reason, nothing super wonderful has happened. I don't want to think about it too much either... it might wreck the mood.

There are lots of little reasons to be happy, no one big reason. I love my new car. My son isn't having anxiety attacks any more. He has much better teachers this year and school is going well. I'm reading books that make me happy ("Buddha Da" by Ann Donovan and "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert for those who need to know). I bought some lovely, lacy new lingerie and a new pair of flannel PJ's, just for me. I'm knitting projects that are working and that are enjoyable to knit. I am taking a knitting class and going on a wonderful retreat in November, it's an opportunity to learn new things and spend time with lots of fun people. Work is going well, I love it there. I am feeling profoundly grateful for what I have.

I am love, loving Greenjeans, the LL Red Rover is awesome to work with and it fits perfect and is turning out super cute. This picture is a little washed out so you can see the cable pattern, it's fun and not too hard. Did I mention it's fast too?

I splurged on some Tilli Thomas Pure & Simple in Glampyre. I am making a quick slanted eyelet scarf for Angela, a co-worker of mine who is house sitting when I'm on the retreat and is crazy for purple. Great pattern, thanks for the suggestion Aunty Tink!

Finally, here is a picture of my finished mini wrap in Bam Boo. It still needs to be washed and blocked but I'm pretty happy with it.

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ssssh... Busy knitting

No Blogging, lots of knitting.

Thanks for all the responses to my question. I will find a project worthy of the Tuareg, I promise, but in the end, redrover won the day. The LYS people all voted for the red (and they've seen me in red). I swatched both and liked the definition in the cables better for redrover. I am loving the pattern, I highly recommend it and it's a fast knit!

The boys sweater is another matter. Endless stocking stitch.
"Boy, could I run a nice cable down the arm?"
"Could I put a band of colour around the chest?"
"How about a little ribbing?"
"No, I just want a plain, green sweater."
Endless stocking stitch.

And the boy socks, portable and always there


Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Quick post,

I am not normally this indecisive. I am about to start Mr. Greenjeans and I have 2 gorgeous yarns to choose from. Lorna's Laces Shepard worsted in RedRover and Malabrigo in Tuareg. Greenjeans is another wonderful Amy pattern and lucky me to live so close to Amy's yarn shop. Both are quite different and a lot brighter than the yarn used in the pattern. Which one do you think would look better?

Also never ending boy socks… they never end.