Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The black hole got me again...

So I have been a very bad blogger. Not only have I not been posting, I haven't even had my usual two bits to add on to anyone else's posts either. It wasn't really that I had a dry spell writing wise. I had stuff to say, it just wasn't stuff I felt like dumping on an unsuspecting bunch of knitters. You guys deserve better. Things are OK now though.

I am making a concerted effort to distance myself from the Hanger. One of my best friends aptly described him as a "Sucking Vortex of Angst and Drama". All I've ever really got from hanging around with him for the last 4 years is 4 years older. My good friends thought it would be helpful if I started seeing other men. Doesn't even have to be Mr. Right, just Mr. Distract me so that when the Hanger tries to suck me back in (and he always tries and always succeeds) I can say, "Actually, I'm busy." I think I may have found just such a man. A Fireman. A stand up, do right, and as my sister says... who doesn't love a... Fireman. We shall see. I must admit, the very thought of dating a fireman makes me a trifle giddy. As one of the gals at Knit Night put it... "Just think of the role playing games!"

Okay I'll tear myself away from that little fantasy... for now... I have been knitting. Nothing new, same ol bunch of WIP's. I am a slow knitter.

I finished a cute toque, just in time for some very frigid weather.

Still working on the boy's socks, Mr. Green Jeans and my VBF's Gigi Scarf which I sent her a picture of since it obviously was ready for neither her birthday nor Christmas.

I am still totally in love with SKB... oh how I love my SKB. I love the top downness of it, the lace inserts, just... everything!

I have also been busy acquiring.

I acquired a Namaste messenger style knitting bag and some new C*Eye*Ber Fiber "Mal de Mer"and Sheep 3 from Make One Yarn Studios.

I also acquired some Schaefer Heather, some Shibui Knits and I'm still waiting on a couple of other little treaties for my feeties, courtesy The Loopy Ewe. Hey, I needed some major cheering up OK?

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Friday, January 04, 2008

If you thought...

I fell through a black hole, you wouldn't be completely wrong.

I wasn't in the Christmas spirit this year, it never came. The hanger has been having a tough time. I have been doing my best to help him. Things got worse and worse, just before Christmas, things pretty much hit bottom. You know when you jump in to save a drowning man, the danger is he can pull you under with him. I've made a tough call to save myself but it doesn't come without feelings of sadness and loss.

I got through Christmas this year. There was a tree, there were presents for my son. Fortunately, my X's family were in the Christmas spirit and what may have been missing at home, my son received in abundance when he spent Christmas Day with them. We were invited to a girl friend's for Christmas dinner and that was a tremendous help. To be able to be a part of her family celebration made it much easier.

My birthday passed almost completely without remark. I wasn't in the birthday spirit either. I took myself down to Make 1 and Michelle asked me if I wanted her to sing. I said "No", so she got the whole store to sing. Next time I will know that what I needed to say was "I will kill you if you do". Honestly, it actually did cheer me up a bit. The knitting bag I bought on sale and with a gift certificate from my sister cheered me up even more.

One thing that has been a constant is my knitting. A friend told what Edith Piaf said when asked about her knitting , "It keeps me off the cocaine and heroin." Well, I wouldn't go that far but it does keep me sane.

No pictures today. Soon I promise.

Lets all hope that 2008 is better than 2007.

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