Sunday, June 15, 2008

We have our winners...

So the sock yarn has been won! Congratulations to my lucky two! They've both been contacted and I will post pics of the packages once they've been sent out. Thanks to everyone for the fantastic ideas. I've got enough inspiration to last me for quite some time.

Also, holding the contest was a blast. I hope everyone who posted will come back to visit. I'll have to have another one soon!

I've been getting sock inspiration as well. Fawkes Socks, Monkeys and Trish's lovely Straight Laced socks. I figure may as well have both sock and non-sock ideas on the go. Pics to come soon I promise!

BTW the winners were LizardKnits and Twisted Stitches I can't wait to send them their packages!


Sunday, June 08, 2008

It's not my damn planet monkey boy...

Quick, name the movie!

So thanks for all the fantastic suggestions for non-sock patterns. Keep 'em coming!!

In the mean time monkeys are rockin' my world. I can see what all the hubub is about. They are a very fun knit!

Good thing too 'cause with all the rain around here I need something to entertain me. The lack of sun is making everyone stir crazy. The boy and I watched movies last night, "The Waterhorse". Rugby was cancelled, due to rain, surprise! So we slouched around in our PJ's most of today.

The closest thing I've seen to a blue sky in days!

This is the first installment in this year's Make One sock club. I wasn't going to join sock club but you know... monkey see, monkey do (sorry couldn't resist).

Stay dry!