Sunday, January 28, 2007

Fun F.U.N. FUN!!

Here is a gratuitous sun rise picture, no retouching or nothin'… it's worth getting up early for!!

I went out for drinks with one of my favourite people last night. The one I was knitting the Misti Alpaca Chunky Marine Melange scarf for--she loved the scarf by the way. Anyway, I told her the one thing that's missing from my life these days is fun. I work all day, come home and work some more and I am not having any fun. I want to laugh so hard that tears stream down my face and I fall down, I want to giggle like a school girl. The boy is going to spend some time at his Grandma's visiting with his Dad, February 8 - 13 and I have booked a four day weekend off work. My quest for that weekend is to have fun. I don't know how or what or where, don't have much money to spend on this quest, and it is February, but fun is going to be had. So what do you suggest? I'm thinking… a drive somewhere not too far, some where cool with lots of interesting things to look at and good walking or hiking. I don't know… if you were looking for a cheap, fun weekend by yourself, what would it involve? Help me people!!

I am less depressed about the health thing, thanks for the kind thoughts. A test on the 5th will give me a better idea about what's going on there.

So for some strange reason, I have turned into a sales goddess at work. My sales rock, which means my commissions rock--it's all good but somewhat mystifying. I don't work at sales and prefer a lot of the other stuff that we do in the store, receiving stock, rearranging the furniture, checking inventory. I am more than happy to give people information and my honest opinion about any given piece of furniture. I do love helping people pull colours together for a room, co-ordinating fabric and texture and pattern but in the end, I don't push product, don't up sell, and it doesn't matter to me if people buy the stuff or not, as long as they walk out happy. May be that's the key.

It helps that I have become a magnet for older guys to hit on. The best one yet was this guy who started out buying towels and wound up buying a bed from me, he was probably in his mid 40's to early 50's, cute in a rugged, mountain man kind of way. He kept saying my name, a sure sign of interest, made it clear he is single, then when we were looking at when his bed would be coming in from BC. He says, "It would be great if I got it in time for my birthday, may be you could help me celebrate!" Where? On the Bed? I turned red down to my shoulders and my co-worker got the giggles so bad she had to run for the back. Still… wouldn't mind that much if he came back.

As for knitting… there has been some. As I mentioned the chunky scarf is finished and bestowed and I am faithfully trying to finish my toe-ups. They fit great. Now I want to rip out the top down socks and re-do them toe up. The ultimate joy of toe ups? Trying them on as you go. Amy's pattern is a dream. Would be fun with a sport weight on bigger needles. I can't decide what to start next… the boys' henley or my lacy hug me tight. Might do some fingerless gloves… two of my four older sisters have birthdays in March.

Don't forget… FUN… all ideas are welcome!


Blogger Lorraine said...

Marnie- You want fun? How long has it been since you've been tobogganing? Find a huge hill with a bunch of kids- guaranteed laughs- and a sore bottom as well!

7:15 AM  
Anonymous Divineladi said...

For me, fun would be taking a break from it all. I usually do a small local place, and stay at a cheap bed and breakfast in whatever town I end up, and do some of the activities that they suggest. Most of the time, the activities are free or really cheap to do. I'm not sure what toboganning is, but the word itself makes me giggle. The story of the guy buying the bed was funny.

10:12 AM  
Blogger Gingersnaps with Tea... said...

Toboganning is a Canadianism for Sledding… going down the steepest hill you can find on a highly waxed wooden sled or tobogan… last time I did it was about three years ago and it was a blast… until I decided to take my tobogan off a little jump… I went off the jump on the tobogan and landed off the tobogan and separated my shoulder… the Dr. just rolled his eyes when I told him how it happened.

7:10 PM  
Blogger Lone Knitter said...

Well, you sound like one heck of a sales person! I hope you're getting commission--a beg is a huge purchase. Anyhow, the socks looks great. I've never thought to knit them both at once, but that makes a lot of sense, esp. since I get SSS a lot.

8:21 AM  
Blogger quiltyknitwit said...

You're making extra money, a guy hit on you, and you have some time off to look forward to - life is looking up!

11:40 AM  

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