Sunday, February 06, 2011

I'm not fat... I'm poofy!

Oh Simba... you are not poofy... you are an over weight kitty! I suppose it's the after effects of having been abandoned. Simba eats like there may never be food again and so, he has taken on a distinctly pear shape! So, when I went to get Ginger her special food at the vet, I asked for recommendations to help get Simba's weight under control. The food specialist there assured me that it is not uncommon for abandoned kitties to develop an over-sized appetite... it's self preservation, they starved once so they aren't going to take any chances, if there's food... they eat! With my vet's help, I am hoping Simba will go back to being a more reasonable weight. I'll keep you posted.

Also, I am very excited to be the new Saturday girl at TKR, I hope people will stop by on Saturdays. This past Saturday was my first day on the job, it was fairly busy but the day went by very quickly and I had a great time!

I think it might be time to boost my reader ship by running a little contest for my knitting pals in honor of Anti-Valentines Day. If you know the nick-name I've given to my guy pal* who I love for his wicked ways... but who often drives me totally bonkers... PM me on Ravelry. I'll enter you twice if you can guess why I picked that specific nickname for him. It's Gingersnaps on Ravelry and everyone who PM's me BEFORE Valentines Day will be entered, I'll do the draw on Valentines Day. I'll make it something good. Don't forget to include your favorite colour.

*Hint: We've been pals for over 8 years... and he's still a bad... bad... boy...

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Blogger Jody said...

Hi...Just wanted to say I have 2 cats. One cat will eat and gain weight easy..the other is slim and picky. I measure their food and feed them 3X day. If the picky one doesn't finish whats on the plate then I get rid of it before the other cat has a chance to eat it. He has lost weight and is slim and healthy. It works! My cats are indoor cats so I have control over everything they eat.

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