Friday, June 05, 2009

Three Days Grace... & Three Weird Things...

The boy is away on a camping trip with his OE class. I woke up to rain on the window this morning and thought to myself... "I'm really glad that yesterday, when I realized the boy forgot his coat, instead of deciding since it was nice out that it wouldn't hurt him to be cold for one night, I ran back down to the school & brought him his coat." They have a big hike to do today but the rain seems to have let up. Other than the whole coat issue... he was well prepared. He looked like an over grown sherpa yesterday... everything that wouldn't actually fit in his back-pack was hanging off it with pack-biners the tent, his sleeping bag all the pots and pans... it was quite a sight. Thank heaven for MEC is all I can say!

I have a three day weekend. I pick the boy up tonight at the school. Rain or shine, the Farmers Market is in the picture (the ad for the farmer's market features a clucking chicken and it makes Ginger bark), probably a visit with SpinKnit & a surprise party for which I will make my Mom's signature meatballs. They've never failed me.

Last weekend was crazy! I worked 6 days straight and one of those days was Lilac Festival. In all my years in Calgary, I have never attended Lilac Festival. It was nuts. I had the good sense to go down early and take the train. Now I am a totally chill person normally nothing fazes me but I have three things that I can not cope with.

Large crowds, being bumped into nearly sends me postal. I can't do Christmas shopping or Stampede without something for my nerves.

Anything touching my neck (all those v-necks I wear are not just to show off the girls). I once nearly threw up because one of my co-workers put a piece of ribbon around HER neck. I wake up gagging if the sheets touch my neck at night.

And finally... Parades. I cry at parades... sob really... tears stream down my face... they multiply ten-fold if there are bagpipes remotely involved and I am helpless to stop it.

Well, Lilac Fest starts with a parade, complete with bagpipes, the crowd is insane and I was ill prepared... by the time I got to work I was a sobbing wreck. At least nothing touched my neck.

If you believed in reincarnation there might be some explanation, I was strangled... or hung... or may be even beheaded but not before being marched through a large jostling crowd while bagpipes played in the background. It's just a theory.

What are your three weirdest things?