Saturday, June 10, 2006

And in other news…

I have been neglecting my blog. It isn't that I'm not knitting, I am! Just haven't finished anything yet. I have my 2 socks and cotton boarding hat that accompany me to work and various extra curricular activities. They are all coming along nicely. Ditto the shawl and scarf. I just feel like a dork taking pics of the same old WIP's. Anyway, things are progressing and I promise as soon as I have knitting to show, I'll put it up!

I still hadn't even started the book for my book group three days before we were due to meet. Fortunately I am a fast reader. We read "The Kite Runner" and I highly recommend it. It is a fascinating look at the historical and ongoing conflict in Afghanistan.

I have been eyeing the projects in "Mason Dixon Knitting": it's an inspiring book! The problem is I am a slow knitter and once the inspiration strikes, it takes a long time to have anything to show for it. May be I need to spend less time getting inspired and more time actually knitting!

The boy's rugby season is in full swing now. That keeps us busy, practices Thursday nights and games Sunday mornings. He loves it. Although, as it gets rougher, it gets harder to watch (note the EMS in the background). He scored a try last Sunday and he told me afterwards that when he was coming down the field with the ball (dragging several members of the opposing team behind him) two of the guys on the other team saw him coming and they both said, "Holy Crap!" I found that quite funny. He is a big guy for his age, tall, tough and physically strong and as long as he keeps his center of gravity low, he's hard to tackle.

So that's my news… no new knitting… no new stash… I'm determined not to start anything new or buy any more books or yarn until I finish something!


Blogger Lorraine The Knitting Hammy said...

Hey Marnie- aawww- you're such a proud rugby mom- he's lucky to have you.
Although the ambulance would make me wonder....

9:30 AM  

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