Sunday, November 26, 2006

Just WIPin' Along…

Feeling all better by the way.

I finished something! My Dad's scarf… but I forgot to take a picture. Oh well it looks like this only finished. The charcoal grey gift scarf is also nearly done and my wrap cardi is getting close too. I had to go up a needle size from 4.5 mm to 5 mm on the sleeves. my tension is different in the round than it is going back and forth. I am celebrating the progress on my WIP's by swatching for my son's Henley. Now that I have the Misti Alpaca I ordered here, it's hard not to want to start it--it and a dozen other things. My new rule is nothing new on the needles until something old goes off the needles. Technically, since a scarf went off the needles I am free to start the Henley…

Wrap Cardi in Progress…

I am having fun with my toe ups too. I've discovered the secret to completing socks. Do both at once. Sure it takes longer but you have two socks when you are done so the incentive to finish them is greater. I LOVE the Universal Toe Up pattern written by Amy. It's awesome and easy and fits SO well. No guess work. And because it's entirely dependant on what you actually swatch, you can work on any sock suitable size dpn and in any sock suitable yarn and it'll still work.

I need warm socks in this weather. -28° C and blowing snow. Brrrrr! Colder than Siberia! Speaking of which… I sent the boy to "The Gulag" aka: camp for the weekend which meant lots of knitting time, listening to some great music on my itunes, Joss Stone is still at the top of my play list, a bit of time spent hanging with "the hanger" and time to work on a little freelance graphic design project. The boy had a great time! Apparently the bitter cold was no deterrent to the fun. Picked him up today with all the appendages still intact. Almost ended up in the ditch getting to the camp. Icy roads. I had a nice break and got my project finished. I am off tomorrow as well so if it stays this cold I plan to spend the entire day piled under blankets knitting.

Tonight is movie night--we are watching "Love Actually" one of my favourite movies. Hugh Grant, Colin Firth and Liam Neeson… what's not to Love?


Anonymous bev said...

I am so glad you posted a comment on my blog. It led me to yours! Enjoyed reading. Your writing style is catchy and fun.
Aren't Toe-up socks fun!?! I have been knitting for years and finally took the leap and made a pair. Now I can't get enough of them. Must get back to reading your blog now - so - you are going on my list!!!

11:58 AM  

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