Thursday, September 07, 2006

Is there a name for my condition?

I have this horrible disease where I am continuously starting new projects before I finish old projects. There must be a name for it… possibly some kind of program?

I am working on presents for several people right now--all scarves--they are coming along nicely. I am also still working on "Sizzle" (top pic). I screwed up the front and had to frog it but the back is finished. I need some peace and quiet to get the front started and going properly again. Ginger has an obession with my yarn, she especially likes the Alpaca! I'll be happily knitting away and all of a sudden, the yarn isn't pulling freely, I don't even have to look any more. I know she will have crept up beside me and be resting her "tender tush" on MY Baby Alpaca.

I am loving the "Purl" Scarf (bottom pic, top right). It's a very fast knit and only uses one skein/ball of each of the three colours I've chosen. I thought I would need more of the Malabrigo so I have three skeins in olive. I decided that as it is such a fast knit, I will try it again with the same olive Malabrigo but 2 different colours of green mohair (bottom pic, lower left). Kid Merino Fern Mix and GGH Soft Kid 064. The one I am almost finished is destined as a surprise gift. I am also knitting a scarf for "the hanger" (no we are no more serious than we ever were we are best buddies, hang out, have fun and that's it) he's turning 40 at the end of September and it seems like a nice thing to do. I am using the Men's cashmere scarf pattern out of "Last Minute Knitted Gifts" but instead of using Cashmere (way out of my price range), I am using double stranded Blue Sky Alpaca/Silk in Blue 127 on 6.5mm needles. The Hanger has blue eyes and light brown/dark blond hair so it will look very nice. I love the pattern it's masculine and not your usual rib knit. I am making the same scarf on smaller needles with more repeats out of double stranded Drops Baby Alpaca in Heathered Charcoal Grey for my manager at work. He wants a scarf to go with his black leather jacket and "Not something my Grandmother would knit". He's a great guy and he's paying for the yarn. I love the baby Alpaca, I've never used it before but it's amazing--so soft! It'll be a thinner scarf that drapes well and will look neat and tidy, not too bulky. I swatched it on 4.5mm and 5.5 mm needles and liked the 4.5 better but in hindsight, I needed 5 mm (which I didn't have) to get it just right. I can totally understand why Ginger can't stay away from it :-D! I'd love to make my Dad a scarf like it on 5 mm's in a heathered Chocolate brown. All three scarves are pegged as 4-6 (6-8 for me) hour projects so if I finish them, may be that will break my non-finishing curse.

Now that the boy is back and has started junior high--the first thing they are doing in gym is Rugby, how perfect is that! I have my 2 mornings a week on my own again, which I quite enjoy. His trip back east went… oh the heck with it why even try to sugar coat it… it was an unmitigated DISASTER! The boy was having such a horrible time he came home early, not only that but he says he doesn't want to see his Dad or his Step Mom ever again. He doesn't even want to speak to them on the phone. So much for bonding. I think the problem was that the 26-year-old Step Mom was in constant competition with me even though I wasn't there. The clothes I packed were "ugly"… the manners I've taught my son were "all wrong". He picks his clothes, he has decent table manners (or as decent as any 12-1/2-year-old and better than some I've met). She doesn't seem to realize her attitude isn't hurting me, it's hurting him. Plus the girl is a drama queen. When she worked for my X she HAD to be the centre of attention and she still does. The boy said the only fun part of the trip was when they were visiting her parents and she and her Mom went shopping almost every day and left him with his Dad and Grandpa T.


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I have the same condition. A lot of it may have to do with sewing pieces together, but it's still a problem. At times I get half way to finishing and something else catches my eye and it's all over. I am in love with baby Alpaca. The first time I touched it, I think my hand fell in love. Every now and then my hand has memories of the love. I was just thinking about the Hanger! I think it will be a very nice gift. Does dad see what's going on? Dad needs to put his child first, because a drama queen will always be a drama queen and she will get over it. How many kids does she have that makes her feel like she's the expert on kid manners? I can go on and on about this chick. I'm sorry to hear he had a horrible time.

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