Monday, October 30, 2006

Yeah! Toe Up Class Starts Tonight!

I am so excited!

So I have been a busy, dedicated knitter this past week. Sticking to my WIP's, not starting anything new.

I took the wrap cardi off the needles last night for a fitting. It fits beautifully but I am glad I gave it a proper try on. I was at the 17" mark--where you are suppose to stop wrapping and put in the button hole for the tie. I am nearly 5'10" tall and long legged but also long wasted, a standard medium width wise but length can be a problem. Instead of the 17" called for in the pattern I would be better served to keep wrapping 'til 18" to hit the right point at my waist for a tie. Also for over all length it should be 25" instead of 24" to hit the right point at my hips. I think I have enough yarn--hope and pray I have enough yarn--I have three or four rows of knitting left in the ball I'm working with plus three full skeins of olive Malabrigo, plus a small ball left over from Greenzilla. That should be enough to finish the bottom of the sweater, sleeves and trim.

My scarves are almost finished. Might be done scarves for a while. they look great but it's pretty repetitive and being as I've done three the same in a row…

I am picking up the yarn for my boy's Top Down Henley tonight before the class starts. Misti Alpaca Worsted in Olive Melange. Should be nice. I'd love to pick up some extra Misti Alpaca to do him an "Everybody's Favourite Hat 'n Scarf" from Fiber Trends to match with the winter jacket I bought him today and his soon to be sweater. May be something with some golden brown tones like the Pottery Melange. He already has the hat in Fern Blue Sky Alpaca Cotton with off white trim. It totally suits his complexion--fair skin, pin point freckles, green (and I do mean green) eyes and dark brown hair. He'll need some warm stuff soon because man oh man…

I woke up yesterday morning to this…

the boy borrowed my parka (I was trying to wash blood out of his coat but that's another story) and bolted out to play in it but was back in a flash because it was freezing and the wind was howling.

Today it's this… still cold but talk about gorgeous!

OH… about the blood…to make a long story short: my son was having troubles with a couple of kids at school. One of them deliberately drew with whiteout on the chevron insignia of his army surplus jacket. My son was NOT happy. He came home and talked to me about it. We agreed the jacket wasn't the same anymore. The insignia was the best part and it was wrecked. SO he went back and told the other boy he should pay for a new jacket… the other boy shoved him…he shoved back… the other boy socked him squarely in the nose resulting in a GUSHER of a nose bleed. Copious blood everywhere. Both boys were suspended and rightly so. The nice thing was in talking to the VP (who I had left a message for about the jacket wrecking incident the day prior) is that he likes my son, he found him very personable and pleasant and as he is also the Junior High rugby coach was thrilled to find out the boy has been playing for two years. The other kid did admit to deliberately wrecking my son's jacket and to starting the fight when asked to pay for it. The boys agreed together that it was a pretty stupid fight. and with any degree of luck after the school meets with the other boy's parents we will get $50 to buy a new jacket. All's well that ends well.

Add On: All did not end well… the parents won't even help pay for a new jacket… so much for teaching children to take responsibility for their actions. I must've been alone in thinking that was an appropriate consequence.

And finally, every girl needs a little eyecandy once in a while--you can thank the UBC Engineers for this one ;-D


Blogger Lone Knitter said...

Yay to the toe-up sock class. That should be lots of fun. I'm sorry to hear about your son's jacket. Kids can be so mean and they don't realize that oftentimes there's a hardworking momma behind the things they're ruining. Hopefully you'll be able to get the parents to pay for a new jacket.

2:43 PM  
Blogger Gina said...

Wish I could say I was surprised Martina. So many parents seem to agree with their kids that nothing is their responsibility. They make excuses and cover up and even outright lie to "protect" their darling from consequences. There is a generation of selfish, self-centered, rude individuals being raised out there. Fortunately, there are parents like you whose children will be our salvation.

9:47 PM  
Blogger The_Add_Knitter said...

Sorry to hear about the heinous bullyinh, but glad there seems to have been a good outcome...also, once again I am dying to copy you and do the wrap!!!

6:02 PM  
Anonymous Divineladi said...

Your wrap cardi is looking great! I love that green!
You are going to love the toe up class.
Snow? already? Wow... I'm not looking forward to it when it hits New York. It started to get a little chilly here and I'm already complaining.

Your pics are beautiful. It looks like a postcard.

11:40 AM  

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