Monday, October 23, 2006

Nothin' to see here…

Ack!! I wanted to post all this good stuff this week but it's all WIP's--nothin' new to see here--I'm happy with everything, just can't get over how much I LOVE the top down wrap cardi. It's coming along really fast. KPn'S patterns are so easy to follow, I couldn't have picked better for my first ever sweater and Malabrigo is awesome, I will definitely be using it again (and again). How ever, when you get right down to it, the sweater is just a big green blob right now. The scarves are still looking good, you know… the same only longer. Both about 3/4 done. I spent most of the weekend working on the sweater. When I need a break from the sweater, I do a few rows on the scarves and as they pack smaller, I also take them to work with me. I am dying to do some smaller things like these (which seem to be everywhere and are calling my name) just to have them done, have something new. That's probably at the root of my starting so many projects.

My car developed a major oil leak last week so it was in getting fixed today. I slept poorly last night (bad dreams) and my head was pounding so I napped for a good portion of the day. I love having the Sunday/Monday off and a late start Tuesday (1:30 PM). Makes the weekend seem a little longer. Tuesdays are my only late shift the rest of the week I'm off by 5:30. Nice hours for retail--gives me lots of time in the evenings with the boy.

My sister and I had a compelling conversation about spontaneity today. Why do we over think things to the point where they don't happen or the expectations are set to the point where we can't enjoy ourselves. Think about dinner with friends… when was the last time you called a bunch of friends at the last minute and said, "I just want to see you, come over tonight, I'll make something quick and easy, you can bring along something equally quick and easy, we'll get a couple bottles of wine and it'll be great!" I never do it… my house is never clean enough… it's too small… I can't afford fancy enough treats… there isn't enough time blah, blah, blah… and you think there is always later but sometimes there isn't. It's something I'd like to change.

I went to Make One for the launch of Amy's book: Not Your Mama's Crochet. It was great, wish I could have stayed longer. I told Amy I don't dare take up crochet given what happened when I took up knitting. Everyone at Make One is so awesome! I can't wait to take Amy's Toe Up sock class.

The Make One gang have organized a fabulous knitting getaway in November and I WISH I could go but the reality is it just isn't going to happen this year. If I start saving right now… maybe next year will be a possibility. I hope everyone who is going has an amazing time and take lots of pictures.


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Ok Marnie, are we just egging each other on or what? Guess which pattern I had in MY little grubby hands this weekend--the KPnS wrap cardi! I still haven't ever seen Malabrigo up close and in person but I'm developing a koigu-like obsession with it!!

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