Saturday, April 15, 2006

Why Dogs and Yarn don't Mix…

Enough Said.

So I am committed—or may be I just should be committed. I've offered to make socks for my sister (the one who always phones me and keeps me informed on all the family goings on out in BC). I've also promised to make snow boarding beanies for the boy and his cousins out of that gorgeous Blue Sky Alpaca organic cotton I've been raving about. I am almost finished my baby hat and am already wanting to make something else with it. This of course gave me no choice but to go back to Make One Yarn Studio (greatly against my will as you can doubtless imagine) and further more… forced me to buy more blue sky alpaca cotton in yummy colours like thistle, bone, indigo and fern.

See? mmmm… yummy colours.

My arm was also twisted into buying some gorgeous sock yarn. I did however manage to resist the Angora.

OK so it is evident that unless I have A: Money and B: a specific project in mind (and I can't start inventing them as an excuse) I can't go near that store! It's like crack for knitters. There is another pattern I have my eye on but I've sworn not to start it 'till some WIP's are finished and I start working again. My justification in all this straight from Knitting Rules—which if you don't have it, get it—is this: "Consider the Entertainment Value" according to The Yarn Harlot a pair of socks works out to around 80¢/hour what else is there that is as much fun as knitting and only costs 80¢/hour? Plus, at the end of it you get socks! Works for me!

Other than that, rugby started last week. Yeah Rugby! Yeah the mighty Saracens! The boy loves rugby, he loves playing it and I love watching it! It's a total father and son sport, you don't get any "soccer mom's" at rugby. I kind of like that too. I get to hang with the guys, listen to them doing their guy thing which I find totally amusing. What is it about guys when they're together that ups the BS quotient so quickly? They preen and posture and do the good ol' boy thing and "talk sports". Not all of them, but most of them. It's always good for a laugh and well worth hauling my butt out to a cold, windy field, usually in the rain, a couple times a week from now 'til July.

Anyway, Happy Easter to all.


Blogger The_Add_Knitter said...

What a rascal that pup is!! I thought that type of monkey business was strictly for cats!;)

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