Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Socks are for the Certifiable…

So I got some inspiring sock yarn and decided to use the uninspiring sock yarn instead. The Kroy by Patons is the "uninspiring" yarn, not that it's all that uninspiring… I just don't like the colour as much. I decided to use it though becasue it's got more wool in it and should be more forgiving than the cotton blend yarn in the colour I like.
As it is, I've ripped the SOB out three times already and I haven't even finished the ribbing at the top! I'm working out of several books and a Patons pattern to help me get through it. I considered taking a sock class, but I'm a lefty and as such, get frustrated with things when I'm trying to A: follow along and B: do the direct opposite of what the instructor is doing. Books let me muddle along at my own pace.
It took me forever to learn how to knit at all, this despite a genetic predisposition to knitting (My Mom was a fantastic knitter as is my Dad's sister). When I was a kid, my Mom wouldn't even attempt to teach me… lefthander meant non-starter as far as she was concerned. My Aunt did make the effort to teach me one Summer when I was visiting her. I spent one tearful afternoon mangling little squares of wool and that was that.
Knitting was a bogey man for me, something I just couldn't do and would never be able to do.
Which of course is why at some 40+ years of age, I decided to get a book and teach myself! I figured I was doing all kinds of things I never thought I'd be doing… wearing smaller clothes than I was wearing in my 20's… dating again… raising my son on my own… camping… what the heck, why NOT knitting.
Now, it's why NOT socks and though I have to say at this moment, I am seriously doubting my sanity, I AM NOTHING IF NOT STUBBORN.


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