Thursday, April 06, 2006

Rain, rain go away…

It's been raining for 2 days here in Calgary. When the sun finally comes out, the entire city will turn green almost overnight. I am not a fan of rain. It's one of the reasons I've never moved back to Vancouver. I came here in 1984 to study Visual Communications at ACAD. At the time, my Dad predicted I would be home by Christmas my Mom disagreed, she always was right. I like the dry, and the heat and I don't even mind the cold (although the first cold snap is always a shock) as long as it's SUNNY! Big Blue Sky-that's what I love! That's what keeps me here. When I go out to the coast, the clouds and rain and mountains are claustrophobic. People find it bizarre that I would choose Calgary over Vancouver but talk to the people from the coast who have relocated here and you'll get the same story. If it's nice, the coast is great but after a few days of rain they start going a little stir crazy. It might be SAD, it might be a lack of Vitamin D but some of us just need more sunshine. Rain makes me slothful and foggy in the head—entire days can go by where it doesn't feel like anything really got done. Even the cat and dog don't like it, all they do is sleep and the dog runs for cover if her leash comes out.

Although it doesn't feel like it, I have been getting things done. The obligatory job search continues. My son and I are both sorting through cloths. I keep loosing weight and he keeps growing so my cloths get smaller and smaller while his get bigger and bigger. Either way, we need to clear out the old stuff.

So my WIP is from top left clockwise: a wrap out of some icy blue Goldilocks from Fleece Artist, a scarf out of Lang Tosca (I love this yarn, the colours are gorgeous and it's great to work with) that's almost finished, a throw I cast on yesterday, I got a huge batch of this gorgeous King Cole mohair at 40% off, the beige is for the throw and the purple for an as yet to be decided wrap and of course the sock (I spent 45 minutes yesterday morning crawling around my kitchen because I'd lost one of the DPNs). Concentrating on one thing at a time would be far more productive but what's life without a little variety.

Behold the sleeping beasts, the dog, on a cushion by the fire and the cat, who has cleverly pulled down the first Goldilocks shawl I knit (daft me for leaving it on the back of the couch).


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