Saturday, April 01, 2006

Heart of Saturday Night…

Another typical Saturday night here at "Chez Snap", Still working on my sock, so far so good! And yes, I am inordinately please with the silly thing because I've never made one before so humour me! The dog snoozed contentedly beside me all evening (no doubt exhausted from her tangle with the evil coat hangers). The boy watched Hockey Night in Canada, his beloved Flames vs. the Oilers.

How does this happen? I grew up in an all girl household. Five (count 'em) daughters and my Mom, completely overwhelmed my poor Dad. If I thought about being a parent, I pictured myself with a quiet little girl who liked reading, drawing pictures and writing stories. My X is a SNAG (Sensitive New Age Guy) we met in Art College. So you'd figure our son would be… well… quiet… sensitive… not so into all things masculine… in fact it's the opposite. He's loud, he's physical and he just keeps finding more guy stuff to do: scouts, rugby, watching hockey (usually while sitting on the couch in his boxers) what gives?

He's not an entirely insensitive clod, one of the boys at school was being too touchy with a girl and my son told me that he had to explain to him about "No means No". He's affectionate, tells me he loves me every day, he's a great cook (wants to be a chef) and makes me tea and soup when I'm sick. but overall… I somehow ended up with a hulking, great bundle of testosterone… "The Crusher" big shoulders and a head taller than most of the boys his age, star rugby tackler, the kid other boys go to if they need protection from a bully.

One of those neat little twists of fate. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't know the joys of waking up in a tent with snow on the ground, sitting in the freezing cold watching rugby, righting a tipped canoe (we both went for a dropped paddle at the same time) or cheering at top volume at a hockey game. It's all new territory to me and I love it. In fact absolutely the only thing that ever makes me sad about my X is knowing all the cool stuff he's missing out on by being so far away.


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