Saturday, March 18, 2006

Winter Trees…Gingersnaps…and a magical Purple Door

I love it when the trees are coated in hoar frost. It's so magical. I've been out taking lots of pictures lately. It's still cold but we've had one or two nice breaks. I'm almost done the shawl that I've been working on. Plus, I've had some very promising things come up in the jobs area that are keeping me busy.

My book group met last week, several of us have taken up knitting lately so we had to talk about that but we were really there to discuss the book "How to be Good" by Nick Hornby. Nobody liked the characters in the book, even though they were all looking for how to be good (so you'd think they would be likeable but they aren't). It did provoke an excellent discussion on what it means to "Be Good" and where does a person's personal goodness hit the wall. I mean, lets face it, we ALL like to think we are "good" people but… does that mean you personally would take in a homeless person? Does it mean you pick a "Caring" profession like Medicine or Social Work? Do you become a member of the Clergy? Does it mean you abandon your own family to go to a country where "The Children Really Need Me"? It's an interesting concept--don't you think? Lots to muddle over.

Along with some lovely tea… my friend's daughter baked Gingersnaps… they were fantastic too… YUMMMY!! A good book discussion… tea and home made gingersnaps… What's not to love about that?

I love this picture! Don't you want to know who lives here? It's like you could open that purple door and walk into a whole other magical world. I plan to do an illustration of it.


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