Monday, March 20, 2006

The Perfect Job… Is it fate?

Do you believe in fate? Do we find our passion… or does our passion find us? For some strange reason, I went specifically to this organization's web site thinking If I could work anywhere in Calgary, I'd LOVE to work here. Lo' and Behold, that very day, they had posted a position for a Graphic Designer. It wasn't in the paper, it wasn't on any other job board, just on the organization's web site.

I have already gone for one interview and they've gone through my portfolio. It went really well and they want me back for a more in-depth interview Thursday afternoon. It's in the non-profit sector doing graphic design for youth oriented, educational purposes. HOW PERFECT IS THAT? It definitely falls under the heading of contributing to the community, it's communications oriented and it would be F-U-N FUN!! My gut feeling is that I'm at the top of a fairly short, short list. I may disappear for a few days as I prepare for the next interview. During my initial portfolio interview, I found out it's a brand new position, reporting directly to the director of marketing. I would get to basically do all concept and graphic design work from the ground up for something I believe in whole-heartedly. It just feels right!

Tips, support, all comments appreciated. Keep your fingers crossed! I'll keep you posted!


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