Friday, November 09, 2007

Official Stalker…

Hello, I'd like to apply to be Stefanie Japel's official stalker, is that position taken yet? I could also be her official stalker's official stalker if that's still open (apologies to Jasper Fforde). Now that I've finished one Stefanie Japel pattern (the mini wrap sweater/boob holder) and purchased the Simple Knitted Bodice pattern and as of today, am the proud owner of her book "Fitted Knits" and even joined the Fitted Knits group on Ravelry, heck even the lace scarf I'm working on is in the colourway "Glampyre" do you think I'm qualified? I want to make everything! SKB, The Elizabeth Bennet Cardigan, The Drop Stitch Lace Tank, The Wrap Around Lace Sweater and of course The Back to School Vest and V-Neck Pullover with Deep Ribbing. All her pattern are just, well they're just kind of sexy. When I realized how many patterns in my queue were from that one book, it only made sense to get it. Now I've got it so I have no excuses.

In other news, I am on the sleeves of Mr. Greenjeans. Yeah! And my lace scarf is back on track now that my beloved Glampyre is no longer a pathetic tangled mess. Double Yeah! One more week and I go on the Emerald Lake Lodge Knitting Retreat (I'm not sure I have enough yeah!s for that one). Really looking forward to the classes being taught by Annie Modesitt both the night before the retreat and at the retreat. How many yeah!'s before they just get annoying?

Well, enough chat, back to stalking SJ!

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Blogger The_Add_Knitter said...

Yo sister, add 'One Skein Wonder' to your SJ stalker project list!

8:06 AM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Mmmm...knitting retreat. Sounds heavenly :)

9:15 AM  
Anonymous laura said...

Well, you've convinced me to add Fitted Knits to my xmas wish list ...

9:06 PM  

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