Sunday, March 12, 2006

My favourite things…

My favourite red bra… because it doesn't matter what's over top when I know this is what's on underneath… it always puts me in a good mood!
My favourite top from my favourite 2nd hand store…I love the trim, black is a wardrobe staple for me but the trim makes this top special, plus, it's very figure flattering.
My favourite piece of jewelery… this necklace has a story. It belonged to my mother. She gave it to me when I was 24, she passed away when I was 29. She had it made from a silver and pearl cufflink (the remainder of a pair that her oldest brother had given to my father). I know this necklace had tremendous sentimental value for my mother because her brother passed away not long after he gave my Dad the cufflinks. It holds tremendous sentimental value for me because my house was broken into a few years ago and almost all of the jewelry my mother left me was stolen, it broke my heart. This was always my favourite piece and for what ever reason (probably because it's silver) the thief didn't take it.
My favourite collection… My shell collection… featuring the glass fishing ball I found on a sailing trip with my parents when I was 10-years-old. These shells were given to me by various people over the years. Most of them I've had since I was a little girl when I dreamed of being just like Jaques Cousteau.
My favourite bit of home decor… this little carved box. It's actually my X-husbands but he left it behind. I have a few native or native inspired pieces that I just love but this is a real favourite.
And last but not least…
My favourite thing I've knit so far… this red scarf! It matches my winter coat perfectly and is incredibly soft and cosy!!


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