Thursday, May 06, 2010

What to Do...

When you have a three day weekend... every weekend SCORE! I've gone down to a 4 day work week for the Summer at least. It's perfect, LOVE it. I never quite seem to be on top of all the things I love to/have to do. Usually it's the HAVE TOs that suffer most. I really don't HAVE TO have a clean fridge... do I? Do I HAVE TO mow the lawn EVERY week? I will have to make some minor financial cut backs to do this/fewer fancy coffees, fewer pizza nights. but that's easy, one day of work less a week=one less latte, & one more night I can make a scratch dinner, one less magazine purchase/one more day I can go to the library instead. But the idea of a whole extra day... heaven.

And here's some more heaven: Prairie Rose, I can't get over how well written this is... I'm use to being totally confuzzled by lace but I seriously love this!

Last Saturday, I took a course and started this: ten stitch blanket. Sorted out my corner issues at home. My secret to all difficult tasks in life is if I can draw it... I can do it. I even got the top mark in high school geometry (and I was some kind of hopeless at Math) simply because I could draw it. The corner issues were simply sorted with a diagram 1st half of corner: SIIIIIIIIW Wrap towards the Slip 2nd half of corner: SWIIIIIIII Wrap Away from the Slip. I draw this when I do a corner and check off the knit stitches as I wrap them. SO EASY!!

And finally a question: does this happen when you knit? I sit, critter's descend on me.

The dog and cat are waging a cold war but they appear to have achieved detente as long as they don't look at each other, they can share a chair and nobody needs to die.

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Blogger Gina said...

LOL... they can share a chair and nobody needs to die...

There are nights I purposely don't sit down because I'm avoiding the bottom of the inevitable pile. Seriously. I will stand at the kitchen sink and drink my evening tea rather than sit down on that couch to be squashed and fought over by 3 kids and a dog. Not all the time of course, but once in a while when I just need some physical space.

4:26 PM  

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