Saturday, April 17, 2010

It's like I'm knitting with a strand of heaven...

Seriously, I get this qiviut thing now. It's lighter than air, it's unbelievably soft. I mean, I've been practically sleeping with it under my pillow at night, like a yarn wubbie but actually knitting with it... awesome! So thanks to the tips, I figured out my mystery stitch, it was also in the book... doh! Lace tends to defeat me a bit... I start off OK and fall rapidly into confusion... but this seems to be a relatively straightforward pattern, easy to follow and understand. I will not tempt fate by saying it's going well but so far... it's not going badly.

I am working regularly on Mara, my Noro Silk Garden Socks and Rooibos. It would be nice to have some finished objects to show... may be if I just stuck with one of them.

Simba is cracking me up! He's such a funny cat. Today he hopped up on the table and I was very stern with him... NO SIMBA! So he crouched down and hid behind the vase of tulips on the table... of course he's such a huge cat it just looked ridiculous.

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