Saturday, April 10, 2010

An Undertaking...

If ever there was one. I am trying to clean up my stash, pare it down to what I really love, get rid of what I don't. As I go, I am sorting everything into sealed zip-locks, labeling it and storing it in large clear storage bags. See the big blue bag, that's all being destashed, by the time I'm done, there should be two blue bags full. Most I am hoping to take to the guild garage sale to sell, It's also on my trade/sell page in Ravelry. I've never done this before so I'm not entirely sure about pricing, I know what each thing is worth retail... it doesn't seem fair to mark full price but I'm not giving it away either, I've made up lots that I'm not breaking up. I'm trying to be fair. We'll see... any hints, comments, personal stories of de-stashing trauma etc are welcome!

I worked on Mara and Roibos last week, Mara is painfully slow now, one row is somewhere 800+ stitches of 2x2 ribbing but it's also almost finished.

Also, we have a new addition in our home... Simba! We are his forever foster home. Simba is 15-years-old, he was abandoned in a basement suite by his former owner. No one is going to take on a 15-year-old cat, he wouldn't stand a chance at the humane society. The rescue agency asked me to be his foster owner, they can't keep him in the shelter because of his age, he would have a high chance of developing breathing problems. They'll help out with basic vet bills, I just have to provide a comfortable home for the old boy. Ginger is none too pleased, Simba is none too pleased either, he hasn't touched his food. They need time. For now, Simba is living in the bathroom. The door is open but there is a barricade to keep Ginger out.

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