Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Swimming through a fog...

That's what it feels like I've been doing lately. I have been so tired and I'm not sure what it is. We had a winter that seemed to drag on forever and I suffer from severe SAD so that might be part of it. My Doctor wants me to go on medication every winter and get one of those SAD lamps to minimize the effects. At any rate, all I want to do these days is sleep and then sleep some more. I've been forcing myself to go out and do stuff. "Activity precedes motivation".

The boy and I went to "Iron Man" for our Mother's Day celebration. I see a lot of action movies and not many "chick flicks" part and parcel of living with an adolescent boy. Lucky for me I like action movies and I loved "Iron Man", Robert Downey Jr. is an unlikely super hero but he does a great job!

We also went to the zoo. They have a new manta ray exhibit where you place your hands on a ledge in the water and the rays swim over them. They feel smooth and it was all together pretty darn cool!! Edited to add: I just read the newspaper article about the rays dying, how sad! I hope they are able to figure out what happened.

Rugby is ongoing. I get boy to practice and fall asleep in the car waiting for him. Good support there. He had a game on Sunday and I did watch all of it. The more I watch Rugby, the more I love rugby, it really is a great sport.

Knitting is on going as well. I am progressing really fast (or at least fast for me) on my silver/gray wrap sweater. Even the girls at work are excited to see it finished. I did a little stash enhancement as well. I needed another skein for the wrap sweater but while I was at the LYS, I saw they had some new sock yarn in. Avery Allison, an indie dyer from St. Albert Alberta. All the colour ways were pretty but I settled on Iris.

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Blogger The A.D.D. Knitter said...

Love the new sock yarn!!

6:05 PM  
Anonymous laura said...

The yarn is lovely, but I am more excited to hear that you enjoyed Iron Man! I can't wait to see it! Movies open later in Thailand due to the thriving fake DVD market!

I read the sad story about the rays at the Zoo!

2:55 AM  
Blogger Yarnhog said...

My kids want to see Iron Man, but they're 8 and 10 and everything I've heard indicates it is inappropriately violent for that age group.

I don't get rugby at all. Our oldest (22) is the rugby captain at his college, and I've tried to follow it, but all I ever see is a pile of guys jumping on whoever has the ball.

2:23 PM  
Anonymous Jen said...

I'm dying to try one of those SAD lamps, and would jump at one in a heartbeat if I had a doctor willing to perscribe it!

9:47 AM  

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