Saturday, April 12, 2008

I've gone 'n done it now...

Yep, I've gone and signed up for Make One Yarn Studio's Fall Fiber Arts Retreat. Put my deposit down today. I had a blast last time and they gave alumni a small break plus the chance for an early sign up. While I was there, I used my class credit to buy 5 skeins of Skacel Urban Silk 80% silk 20% cotton in a gorgeous silvery grey to make another modified wrap/boob holder. Love it!

Oh and on the shameless self-admiration front... I had to buy new jeans yesterday. Size 7!!! I'm 5'9" and a size 7. Oh Yeah! I am not going to feign anything less than total delight 'cause there was a time when I was a size 18. Eat less, exercise more, that's it, that's all. Squeeeeee!!!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I'm a little envious of your jean size! I'm much shorter and in a 10 or 12. Oh well ... I do congratulate you - that's a lot of hard work. And your Fall Fiber getaway sounds like lot of fun!

7:01 PM  
Blogger Yarnhog said...

Holy macaroni! Congratulations! That's way cool!

7:08 PM  
Anonymous Divineladi said...

Congratulations on the new pair of size 7 jeans!! See, this proves that people don't need to take those fat burining pills and other lose weight fast pills that are out there.

I'm jealous of your retreat. You know we want to see pictures of everything! :)

9:51 AM  

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