Thursday, March 02, 2006

I'm suppose to be looking for work…

Did I mention I was currently "between jobs" no probably not. I was laid off recently. I do not like being unemployed, it makes me go a little crazy.

I've been combating the anxiety that comes with spending every day looking for work with frequent trips to the gym. I run, work on the weights for a bit. Work on my Abs--the fit ball is the best invention ever. I knit and… I blog.

I took a 3 day career course last week. It told me I am an INFJ--for those of you into Myers Briggs. I should look to a career as a teacher or counsellor or in the field of communications. Well, I would LOVE to go back to school, in fact in a perfect world I'd win the lottery and spend the rest of my life going to school!

In the real world, I'm a 40+ Graphic Designer. A pretty good one. Unfortunately, every person who owns a computer and a pirated copy of Photoshop thinks they are a Graphic Designer. My SIX years of Art School training don't amount to much when companies are posting jobs for "Graphic Designers" that pay $10-$13 an hour and require no training just an ability to use the software.

What I'm finding is, that in a two income household, I made more than enough to keep things rolling along nicely. In a single income household--things are not rolling along quite so nicely, in fact recently, they have become positively bumpy. My X did not help the situation when he moved away and took a job that paid half of what he was making here. Nor does it help that the federal child support guidelines haven't been updated since 1997. Hello! the cost of utilities alone eats up what I get in support. I have a wonderful, supportive family THANK GOD not in Alberta mind you, but in a pinch I can call them. So now I am spending my days trying to figure out how I can take the skills, education and experience I've got and somehow make it pay more.

I'm not looking for an immediate solution to this little crisis--mostly just venting about it. It helps.


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