Monday, February 27, 2006

My Dog has designs on my wool!

I have quite the wool stash going and the dog seems to have a problem staying away from it. She ROLLS on it. I picked up enough mohair on sale (40% off) to make 2 projects. With the purple mohair, I'm going to make a stole. With the beige mohair, a throw. I also picked up the materials to attempt to knit a pair of socks. No idea how hard they are… No idea if it's something I should even attempt… but darn it all, I'm going to try! But first on the agenda is a sweater for my dog. I'm using the howl part of the "Cowl and Howl" out of "Stich 'n Bitch". It's going to be in the leftover self-striping red from my scarf and I'm going to pick up some kind of floofy eyelash yarn for the collar and cuffs. I saw some in pinks and reds that would be fun! She will be quite the stylish little hound.


Blogger Agnes said...

You've got some pretty impressive projects there. I love the colour combos, especially that self-striping red. Your dog's going to look too cute in that red with eyelash trim.

There's no reason why you shouldn't be successful with socks. They're really very simple, once you know how to knit on four needles. If you've never done that before, you'll need to be patient with yourself until you're comfortable with it, but you'll find that once you've got it going for an inch or so it hangs together very firmly and is actually easier than knitting back and forth. That's why so many people use socks as a takealong project. When you get to the heel, just take your time and follow directions. It's not as complicated as it looks. After the heel, it's downhill all the way to the toe. Many people now knit socks on two circular needles instead of four straights, and you might like doing it that way. I haven't tried it myself.

I think your post about "I'm not happy" was very insightful and extremely well expressed. You're getting a lot of good out of your life experiences and you have a gift for sharing them.

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