Friday, May 15, 2009

Ooooh Dianna...

I am working away on Elsewhere, it's a fast knitting sweater which I like. I made a couple of mods as far as adding length and also putting darts in the back to make it a little less boxy.

I have a problem with sweaters, the back and forth part looks great but my arms are always funny. It has to do with how I knit. When I first started knitting, I developed this horrible affliction called "DeQuervain's syndrome" requiring a hiatus from knitting and a great deal of physio. Then I discovered this marvelous technique called combination knitting, much easier on the wrists & it looks great! BUT If all I'm doing is knitting (as in the case of arms) it just looks wrong, not wrong enough to bother anyone else but wrong. It doesn't bother me in socks (too small) or lace (to much else going on) but the plain stocking knit sleeve...this issue has lead to a lot of armless sweaters. I get one arm done and don't like it.

I want to be a better knitter so my plan is to rip out the arms of the sweaters I have issues with... green jeans... simple knitted bodice and redo them knitting correctly. I have been relearning my knit stitch, so far so good. I will need to re-swatch on circulars to make sure my gauge is the same.

I have also been gardening... container gardening. Tomatoes and herbs and salad greens... hooray! I love getting dirty ;-)

And stashing... let us not forget the stashing... MadelineTosh sock and Handmaiden Casbah... what sock pattern would be worthy of such stunning yarn?

Plus some Noro silk garden sock and some Handmaiden Mini Maiden... I have in mind a new entrelac project. "Dianna". Perfect for my entrelac obsession plus a touch of lace without being overly lacy. It calls for 500 or so meters. I can't decide between the Handmaiden and the silk garden. Can you help?



Blogger quiltyknitwit said...

I love the colors of silk garden, as well as the bit of drapey-ness it has.

7:45 PM  

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