Thursday, September 24, 2009

What's new Kangaroo....

Sorry... especially because there will be no further mention of kangaroos, nor any photos of kangaroos in my post (although I did see some at the Calgary zoo this Summer but that's neither here nor there).

So I took this photo of Eleanor at my Dad's home on the sunshine coast... can you see how she blends in to her natural setting. In the end, she returned to Calgary with me. I took in the Gibson's Fiber Fest while I was there. I dragged my sisters along with me and although they have no interest in fiber or knitting, they both enjoyed it.

This is Horseshoe Bay, the ferry leaves here for Gibson's Landing and the Sunshine coast. I love the feeling when I get on the ferry, it's all my stress falling away at once. When I was little my Dad use to bring me here on Sundays. We'd go to the park, beach comb, get Fish & Chips from Trolls (an institution) to eat on the shore. Good memories. I love the coast! Every time I'm out there, I just want to sell off everything I own and relocate. Paint, Illustrate and pursue fiber interests until the money runs out.

Here are some lovely treats that came back with me from the fiber fest.

I redecorated my bedroom, all new bedding, in the spring I will be looking at new dressers and bedside tables to go with the bedding. Yay work for making my penchant for decorating affordable. It's the girly girl room of my dreams.

My current WIP is the lovely Mara by Madelinetosh. It's in Sweet Georgia Sportweight in the colour way Ginger, how could I resist that one?

So I'm trying to be a better blogger... more posts, more pictures, more bloggy goodness promise.


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Mara is so pretty!

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